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Welcome to DealersLounge your Bitcoin gambling guide. We are your highway in to Bitcoin Tournaments, cash-games and slots- We list all the popular Bitcoin Poker and Casino sites, where you can bet with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We give you tips of how where to find a good welcome Bitcoin Casino Bonus or how to get a good Bitcoin Poker Rakeback deal. 

Bitcoin Casino Guide 2019

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New bitcoin Casinos 2019 - Updated October

Kingbit Casino


110% Welcome Bonus

 Bet with BTC, Ripple, Litecoin and Ethereum 

Diamond Reels


Best bonus for USA Players.

 260% match up to $1,000; bonus value is $2,500   



225% Bonus. Brand new Bitcoin Casino

New Bitcoin Casinos 2019 at

How do we find a New Bitcoin Casinos?

Most of the times the Operators find us and let us know they will launch a new Casino and our team do a review of the site before we publish it at We also surf the web our self to find what new and hot in this industry to make sure our site is up to date with the latest casinos. 

What is good with a New Bitcoin Casino? 

In general the Welcome bonuses are more attractive at a New Bitcoin Casino and most of them offer an innovative design and all the games from the big gaming providers. New Bitcoin Casinos know that they need to be a little bit better  than everyone else to be able to offer you a trigger to join them. 

How many time do we update our New Bitcoin Casino listings?

In general once per week, but if there is a lot of new Casinos, you can see out team adding new operators on a daily basis. its important for us to always have the best and the newest Bitcoin Casinos on the market, to make sure our guide is up to date for our visitors. 

Can you trust a new Bitcoin Casino?

In general yes, because most of the new casinos runs by entrepreneurs who have been in this industry for years and are well known in this industry. They have the experience to run a casino and are very proud of creating a new casino that is loved by the players. 

Best Bitcoin Poker Sites 2019

SWC Poker ( Seals )


 Anonymous Bitcoin Online Poker 

Ignition Poker


100% Welcome Bonus

Tiger Gaming


 100% up to $1000 



 Great action at Real Poker,  3+ Bitcoin in level rewards. Sit n GO, Cashgames and tournaments.   



Anonymous, Freat action. Great Bonuses, Play Poker like a Pro with Bitcoin

Betonline Poker


100% up to $1000

What are Bitcoin Casinos?


The popularity of bitcoin (BTC) as a virtual currency has facilitated another economy to thrive in parallel to the existing fiat currency-based economy. As the use of bitcoin as a medium of exchange continues to gain acceptance, it has also supported a new field for gambling, gaming, and lotteries via online bitcoin casinos. In this guide, we shall learn what bitcoin casinos are, how they work, why they are so popular, their legal framework, and their future. 

What are Bitcoin Casinos?

A bitcoin casino refers to any online casino or sports betting platform, which embraces BTC either in preference (or alongside) fiat money, like dollars. In the recent past, multiple large-scale BTC casinos have sprung, providing a customized list of games and services for players who want to transact in BTC as opposed to fiat currency.    

Apart from standard casino games such as roulette, bitcoin casinos offer more sports-based betting and online lotteries. Instead of the word bitcoin or BTC, most New bitcoin casinos use the word mBTC or millibitcoin to refer to one-thousandth of a bitcoin, or 0.001BTC. 

How do Bitcoin Casinos Work?

Software is the centre of any internet gambling site and this holds true for bitcoin casinos. Majority of the common BTC casinos with big user bases operate their own gaming software, while smaller firms use purchased or rented versions. The software conducts and runs the game, with very minimal human intervention. 

Apart from the process of transferring or withdrawing BTC after a win, many bitcoin casinos work similarly to ordinary casinos. For gamblers who long to take a chance, bitcoin casinos have new registrations with in-build wallets, which players use to hold their bitcoins temporarily.

Any bet placed in the casino relies on a player’s stored assets. A player places a bet using funds from their wallet and can either lose or profit on that amount based on their luck in a game. Some notable online casinos are providing mega BTC jackpots, where players stand to win sums of up to 500 bitcoins. 

Once a game is finished, all winnings are returned to a player’s in-build wallet. A player can then transfer their BTC to their personal wallets if they wish. Nevertheless, most casinos have placed a withdrawal limit to restrict players from withdrawing all their bitcoins at once. It is advisable to thoroughly go through an online casino’s terms and conditions before engaging in any business with it. 

Why are Bitcoin Casinos so Popular?

Since the invention of bitcoin, the world’s dominant cryptocurrency has found favor with online casinos due to its pseudonymity and ease of transfer. Just like the way BTC initially boomed with black internet markets like the Silk Road, online casinos have promptly moved to embrace BTC as their base currency to avoid regulatory restrictions. 

Besides, BTC casino platforms have gone further to provide zero transaction charges with unlimited free daily transactions- differentiating themselves from ordinary casinos that purely depend on fiat money.   

In some instances, bitcoin casinos are offering mega jackpots and huge profits, considering that their operating margins are considerably lower. Many bitcoin casinos have recapitulated on the formula provided by ordinary casinos, and have tailored many standard games with new rules and guidelines. 

Possibly the significant contributing aspect to the enduring acceptance of bitcoin casinos is that players’ profits or losses are not subjected to taxes. 

Are Bitcoin Casinos Legal? 

Just like other online gambling counterparts, BTC casinos are categorized within a legal ‘gray zone’ and regulations against such platforms differ from one country to another. 

Most online gambling platforms pose a challenge for international regulators because any central body and BTC transactions do not regulate BTC cannot be interrupted or moderated. However, most international watchdogs have given strong stances against bitcoin casinos. 

For instance, US citizens are restricted from operating a BTC casino in their home states- implying that most operators are formed in collaboration with non-US citizens to cater to the needs of US gamblers. 

Most bitcoin gambling websites permit new users to sign up pseudonymous- implying that new registrations do not require a player to provide their real names and other extra identification documents. Nevertheless, legal authorities can analyze BTC transactions and potentially trace their origin through chain evaluation tools. 

It is advisable to abide by all legislation in your state and only proceed to gamble online if it is legally acceptable to do so. 

The Future of Bitcoin Casinos

Perhaps, the future of BTC casinos may not strictly involve bitcoin. Although BTC brings several benefits to the gambling sector- categorically offering an escape route from government regulations.

In the period since BTC’s invention on the global stage, numerous privacy-based digital currencies have evolved that particularly anonymize transaction details and the people involved. Cryptocurrencies like Monero and Zcash may one day be widely embraced by online casinos because of their fungibility aspect. 

Remember to bet what you can only afford to lose!