Best Bitcoin Casino Australia 2020

Fortune Jack

Fortune Jack

Fortune Jack


Mega Bonus up to 5 BTC + 250 Free Spins


Fortune Jack

Fortune Jack


30 Free Spins / No deposit Bonus

EMU Casino

Fortune Jack

EMU Casino


 Welcome bonus in 3 steps.

100% + 25%+50% 



EMU Casino


NO1 Casino in Australia
5 BTC in Welcome Bonus 

Bao Casino


Bao Casino


This is our top pick for Bitcoin Casion in Australia

True Flip


Bao Casino


Unique Games and welcome 200% bonus + 200 free spins!

Best Bitcoin Casinos Australia 2019

Find the Best Bitcoin Casinos Online in Australia


Australia is a regulated gambling market, making it perfect for bitcoin casino Australia to flourish. Bitcoin is unquestionably the most popular digital currency, and though it isn’t a prevalent form of payment at online casinos, it is secure, easy to use, and an anonymous method of loading casino accounts and withdrawing earnings. This article is a comprehensive guide on how to play on a Bitcoin casino, make a deposit, and how to use a Bitcoin ( BTC ) casino bonus. 

The Advantages of using a Bitcoin Casino

As a gambler, you may ask yourself- what does a BTC casino offer that a regular one doesn’t? Research has shown that most Bitcoin casino players are crypto enthusiasts, but this doesn’t rule out people who are not interested in cryptocurrencies from using BTC casinos. Still, Bitcoin casinos offer more benefits than ordinary casinos. 

First, Bitcoin casinos allow players to enjoy instant deposits and withdrawals. Secondly, most Bitcoin casinos are anonymous, meaning players are not required to provide their details. Besides, BTC transactions carry cost-effective charges compared to bank transactions.   

The anonymous nature of Bitcoin casinos and players also benefits both parties from lack of state taxes. For BTC casinos, it even gets better- higher odds for gamblers due to the reduced house-take.

Bonuses on BTC Casinos in Australia

The bonuses are far better in Bitcoin casinos than they are in regular casinos. A 1 BTC welcome gift beats undoubtedly all the ordinary ones. Still, most BTC casinos have bonuses higher than this, up to 5 BTC. Nevertheless, most welcome bonuses have staking requirements that must be followed strictly. 

It is advisable to have informed consent of casino bonuses since sometimes they can negatively affect your overall experience with BTC casino wagering. Good gambling is within x30 to x40 range, and it should be done only with the bonus awards. 

This will enable you to take maximum advantage of your casino bonus. However, some Bitcoin casinos offer free spins and no deposit bonuses.  


How to Play on a Bitcoin Casino in Australia

Aussie BTC gamblers must first convert their local currencies into Bitcoins, which are stored in digital wallets. These wallets can be downloaded from trusted online sites, like Playstore, into your gadget or phone. Bitcoins are purchased at a crypto exchange and stored in a BTC wallet. 

Aussie gamblers can also acquire BTC via mining process. Bitcoin mining is the application of computers to solve mathematical puzzles creating more Bitcoins. However, with the skyrocketing of the BTC price, BTC mining has become expensive. Thus, the best option of obtaining BTC for Aussie bettors is visiting crypto exchanges and exchanging their AUD$ for Bitcoins. 

Opening a Bitcoin Casino Gambling Account

Wagering in a Bitcoin casino is easy. As a BTC gamester, you convert your fiat currency into BTC and store them in your Bitcoin wallet, as highlighted earlier. Afterward, you can pay instantly at an online casino or physical wagering points that accept cryptocurrencies. Online BTC casino transactions are similar to those of PayPal, only that they are near instant and don’t require personal information, like physical address and your ID/Driving license. 

To begin staking on a BTC casino, Aussie players must:

  • Obtain a BTC wallet. There are numerous providers of BTC wallets, such as Core, and Knot
  • Choose the wallet you prefer depending on your need. We have three categories of crypto wallets; online, hardware, and software wallets. 
  • Load your preferred BTC wallet with coins. Aussie bettors can acquire BTC through bank transactions, or crypto exchanges like CoinBase, Binance, and Bitstamp.  

Now you are almost set to start wagering at your preferred Bitcoin casino. NewCryptoCasinos has listed a variety of BTC casinos that Australian players can choose. After logging into your chosen BTC casino, chose BTC as your payment method, and enter the number of Bitcoins you plan to deposit. Wow! You are now set to begin gambling. 

How to Deposit and Withdraw from an Online Bitcoin Casino

After choosing and creating a gambling account with a trusted online casino, which accepts BTC as a payment method, the other aspect you should consider is to ensure it permits withdrawals through BTC. After that, you can now set up your BTC wallet. 

After providing your username, email address, and a secure password, you can now send and receive Bitcoins. Remember you cannot send BTC from a crypto exchange into an online casino directly. You must first send them to your BTC wallet before loading them into your online casino account.  

Depositing BTC into a Bitcoin casino account is almost similar to depositing fiat into a standard casino account. You proceed to the cashier page and choose Bitcoin as your payment method. Enter the amount of BTC you want to deposit (most online casinos provide mirror images of Bitcoins in dollars or AUD$; hence, there is no need for a calculator). It takes less than ten minutes for your BTC deposit to reflect on your casino account. 

To initiate withdrawal through BTC, you are supposed to enter the amount you desire to withdraw and confirm the request in a cashing window. It is essential to check and ensure that details are correct, especially your receiving BTC address since once cryptocurrencies are sent, they cannot be reversed!

Aussie bettors must conform to certain deposit and withdrawal limits per transaction or day; hence before initiating your first deposit/withdrawal, it is advisable to check them. Mostly, a user is allowed to deposit a more significant amount than the withdrawal amount.  


Bitcoin gambling is a better option for Aussie players. BTC enables users to save while staking on casino activities online. Unlike standard casinos, BTC casinos are cheaper since the fee imposed is very cost-effective. If you are still using conventional casinos, try BTC online casinos today, and you will realize why we are so excited about them.