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Bitcoin Casinos Canada 2019

Find Bitcoin casinos to play at from Canada


Bitcoin Casino Canada

Bitcoin (BTC) is a relatively new digital payment method which is gaining popularity in the online casino sector in Canada due to the multiple benefits brought by playing at an online casino using BTC. In the recent past, bitcoin has become more and more widely accepted globally among casino gamblers who value safer, more secure, and faster methods of sending and receiving cash online. 

Most Bitcoin casinos in Canada are turning to BTC to offer their customers with benefits like:

  • Complete anonymity when depositing and withdrawing winnings.
  • Cost-effective transaction charges for wagering at online casinos.
  • Exclusive bonuses for BTC users. 

What is Bitcoin and How Does it Work?

Although credit cards and eWallets have for a long time been the preferred ways of online payment, the acceptance of online casinos embracing bitcoin is slowly becoming more popular as gamblers begin to realize the advantages of BTC that lack in other payment methods. 

But, what is bitcoin, and how is it used?

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency which is regulated by its players and not by any established body. Bitcoin transactions transfer BTC value between bitcoin wallets. Each wallet contains an exclusive numeric code for identification purposes and can be purchased or sold at online platforms 

known as crypto exchanges. 

The outstanding feature of BTC is that it can be traded in any currency, making it an international form of money. 

How to Play on a Bitcoin Casino Canada 

Canadian BTC players must first convert their fiat currency into bitcoins, which are kept in virtual wallets. A BTC wallet can be downloaded from a trusted online platform such as PlayStore into phones or personal computers. Bitcoins are bought at a crypto exchange and kept in a bitcoin wallet. 

Canadian Bitcoin casino players can also obtain BTC through the mining process. BTC mining is the use of computers to solve mathematical puzzles generating new bitcoins. But, with high bitcoin prices, mining has become a bit expensive. Therefore, the best option of acquiring bitcoins for Canadian gamblers is visiting a cryptocurrency exchange and trading their dollars for bitcoins.  

How to Deposit Money in a Bitcoin Casino

Go to and choose a Bitcoin Casino.
The use of BTC can be compared to preparing a cake- once the first steps have been completed, everything else follows suit. 

After signing up at your favourite online casino which accepts BTC as a payment method, you will need to make your initial deposit. The casino will generate a provisional bitcoin wallet linked to your gaming account, whose details you will be given. This wallet resembles an eWallet- every bitcoin transaction you make will pass through it. 

When you select the deposit tab, you will obtain a private message, and once you enter it into your wallet, it will be activated. After that, you will remain with one more step- entering the amount you want to deposit and confirming it. It is that simple. 

Now that you have completed your first deposit, what you ought to do to cash out your earnings is to enter the amount you want to withdraw, enter another unique extended text code, or an RQ code, based on your preference, key in your BTC wallet’s address in the specified field, and finally confirm it. If you want to cash out your bitcoins as fiat, you have two options to choose from. You can either sell them to another user in exchange for cash, or sell them via a BTC marketplace, which contains numerous traders, offers, and currencies.  

How to Play on a BTC Casino

Playing in BTC casino is easy. As a bitcoin player, you have to convert your Canadian dollars and safely store them in your BTC wallet, as discussed above. After that, you can make instant deposits at an online casino or physically located playing points that embrace bitcoin. 

Online bitcoin casino transactions resemble those of PayPal and Payoneer, only that they are almost very prompt and do not call for personal information, like physical address, driving license, and national ID. 

To start playing on a bitcoin casino, Canadian players must:

  • Open a bitcoin wallet. There are multiple providers of bitcoin wallets like Core and Knot.
  • Select your favourite wallet based on your needs. There are three types of cryptocurrency wallets; online, hardware, and software wallets.
  • Load your favourite bitcoin wallet. Canadian gamblers can obtain bitcoin via bank transactions, or cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase.  

Bitcoin Casino Promotions

When you sign-up to a Canadian online casino and complete your initial deposit, you will enjoy access to genuine ongoing promotions. Weekly and monthly cashback offers, double player points, prize giveaways such as holidays and cars, and regular deposit bonuses; all of these can be yours as a real cash gambler. 

Real money gamblers at an online BTC casino, Canada based or otherwise, can also benefit from the exclusive free spins on the latest slots. 


Bitcoin casino gambling is a better option for Canadian players. Bitcoin allows users to save while wagering on casino games. Unlike regular casinos, bitcoin casinos are cheaper due to cost-effective charges. For those who are still using ordinary casinos, try bitcoin casinos today, and you will discover why we are so excited about them.